Our lab has developed and been offering two classes. Also, as part of cs6265, we has been organizing TKCTF every year.

CS6265: Information Security Labs (CTF)

CS6265 covers advanced techniques for writing exploits and patching vulnerabilities, taught through an intense, hands-on security laboratory. A significant part of this course involves solving Capture-The-Flag (CTF) and discussing strategies for solving such problems. This course covers a variety of topics including (but not limited to) reverse engineering, exploitation, binary analysis, and web.

CS3210: Design Operating Systems (RustOS)

CS3210 is primarily intended for senior students (motivated junior students) and graduate students who want to concentrate on systems. To benefit from the course, low-level programming skills (e.g., C or ASM programming) and preliminary knowledge on computer system (e.g., CS 2200) and architecture (e.g., CS 2110). You will be asked to design and implement core components of an operating system through labs, assignments and a final project.

CS8803: Exploiting Smart Contracts and DeFi

Similar to CS6265, CS8803 covers advanced techniques to exploit Ethernet smart contracts and DeFi. It provides a set of challenges every semester, like CTF, and explores real-world vulnerabilities.